‘Tis the Season

It’s conference time, and in the next few months I’m going to be popping up in several venues around the UK and online.

The first of these happened on Friday, where I delivered my first keynote address and workshop of the year. Truro College were holding a Technology in Learning conference as part of their staff development programme and invited me down to talk to staff and to show them some of the tools I use. I don’t need to be asked twice to go back home, and the idea of presenting at my old college’s rival institution sort of appealed to my naughty side.

My keynote, called ‘The Tech Commandments’ looked at some of the things I’ve noticed over my years in technology enhanced learning, and combined this with some of the issues staff face when embedding technology in the classroom. The overall message I wanted to give teaching staff was that they mustn’t feel pressured to have intimate knowledge of every tool and gadget and then take on too much. That they should, initially, stick to what they feel comfortable with, then use it when it enhances the subject and not because they feel obliged, or even pressured to shoe horn something into a lesson. That, despite this, they shouldn’t be afraid to try something new every now and again. And that if it goes wrong…which it will at some point…well the world keeps on turning and nobody has died.

The ‘Quick Wins’ workshop I followed this up with looked at a range of free web tools that I use, I like, and I want others to know about. All are free, all have enhanced my *sessions, and Kahoot and Padlet went down really well (see below). Take a look below.

Next month I’m delivering a workshop at the annual RaPAL conference in Birmingham that’ll look at patient stories, then in June I’m doing an online presentation about my experience of the FutureLesrn MOOC I finished last month, then it’s the annual JISC TurboTELapalooza in Bristol. I’ll be doing a couple of slots there, but can’t remember what I’ve agreed to do them about. There’ll be more about them here as they happen.

*maybe not the PechaKucha…