It’s time to really grab eLearning by the virtual horns. I say that from an educator’s perspective and, for the purposes of this post, a personal perspective as well. For the past 8 years I’ve had a duel role. As a teacher educator (the role I initially entered into) I delivered post-compulsory teacher training qualifications and in-service specialist diplomas to testers wanting to specialise in teaching English. Over time, Cornwall College (and most importantly, an incredibly encouraging and supportive line manager) noticed my enthusiasm for all things technological and I was asked to develop online versions of some of the courses I’d been delivering in the classroom. I look at these early moodle-based pages now and wince, but designing and then delivering these courses was a springboard to building and teaching in virtual worlds, writing a briefing paper about the use of Facebook in 13-19 education, speaking at both online and real-world conferences and now writing online courses and staff training packages. I should write more about all of these though they’d all be retrospective posts. I was spinning too many plates at the time to keep my blog up to date. An incredibly weak excuse; teamed with the fact I was too busy to read peers’ blogs with any depth, totally inexcusable. I shall try to do better.

So now my job role has changed and I can do what I love full-time. I have the time to concentrate on eLearning, ILT, technology, web 2 and 3 and now I can really look at how these all fit into post compulsory education in the UK in the depths of a global recession. Now I can commit time to being more cutting-edge and not playing catch-up quite as much. It feels great, but there’s a lot of catching up to do. For now I’ll end with this. I’ve noticed that I keep repeating the same phrase. Or maybe it’s a paraphrase. Anyway, wherever I go in an professional capacity I keep saying: ‘If you build it they will NOT come”. I think that should be the title of my next post. That way I can almost guarantee a next post.

Trouble in the ICE Lab!

The ICE* Module – part of the DTLLS programme in 2010. 




*Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise in Education