Posting Neurosis

ImageIt’s a tough life, being a blogger.  It makes you neurotic.  You see, there are others out there blogging about the same things you want to write about.  They ‘get in there’ before you, they know better words, have a tighter, more cohesive writing style – and importantly, they know far more about the subject in question.

On two occasions this week I’ve decided to write a post – and both times somebody else has beaten me to it.  It makes me feel like the bingo player who only needs one more number to get a full house…and always gets that magic number just after somebody else has cried ‘BINGO’ and won themselves a pocket full of cash or a nice tinned ham.

The neurosis increases when I read through these posts, and I realise that compared to them, my own entry would have read like a ‘Dummy’s Guide to…’ rather than something informative and illuminating.  Bright side?  At least I didn’t put fingers to keyboard and look like a twit.

I then fall foul of ‘Bloggers’ Dichotomy’, a known side effect of what I shall henceforth refer to as ‘Posting Neurosis’ (PN).  I want more people to read my blog. I feel like a loser because I’ve been blogging (intermittently) for years and, as far as I know, have been the sole reader of my own posts.  Rival bloggers – and they do feel like rivals rather than peers: that’s one of the benefits of PN – have JPEGs of glowing rosettes and gold medals on their sites, because they win industry blogging awards every year.  And quite right too – their blogs are superb.  They make me envious.  And neurotic…

…so what’s the secret?  How do I get more people to read my blog?  Do I really WANT people to read it?  Aren’t I,  by offering it to the world, making a rod for my own back?   My first attempts at blogging back in 2008 resulted in some pretty hurtful comments from online trolls, a hastily deleted account with Blogger and more than a little soul searching. Looking back, this could be where I first developed Posting Neurosis.

Or is this behaviour normal but unspoken?  Are even the really successful bloggers secretly worried that they’ll lose their magic touch, that people will ‘unfollow’ them?  Do they worry that their blogging star is on the wane? That they can’t top last year’s awards, or think of anything new to say?

Of course, I have no idea what the answer is.  I guess people like these are so well-respected, so firmly entrenched in their field that they don’t need to worry about anything.

And yes, to paraphrase my favourite Timelord, I’m on WordPress now.  WordPress is cool.

2 thoughts on “Posting Neurosis

  1. ok….first…its not a bleddy competition….write what you want to write and stop comparing your writing style, content and yourself to others…what you find inspiring and brilliant in their posts, others will find in yours. People will search terms and will find various posts relating to it. They may find yours more useful than theirs or vice versa…c’est la vie.

    Second: now that you are using WordPress (feckin told you so….) you will be able to blissfully track from where and when your bloggers visit you and tune/guage your postings appropriately. Look in the stats for the search terms and you’ll know what people are looking for.

    Third: You’re brilliant. Get over it. You do NOT need our approval or community self-created chufty badges to validate that. Keep posting until you don’t want to any more. The crazy thing about the internet is that its there as reference forever (well…until its not of course).

    Forth: *hugs*


    • You may well have a point there-it’s all subjective, and probably not very healthy for a writer to decide that their posts are rubbish: though the law of averages dictates that every now and again they will be! And a couple have provoked wider discussion on other online spaces, which is what I want….so….yeah. Thank you. That helps a lot.

      I’ve managed WordPress blogs for Plymouth and now Cardiff Universities (ooh, get her!) but never thought about setting one up for myself because I’m inherently lazy. This migration to WP was the right thing to do though: ’tis a fab site, and I could play with widgets for ever!

      Oh-and point four-*hugs you back and wonders when we can have a catch up in SL* 😉


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