Two Months in…

Almost two months into my new job and I think I’m getting to grips with everything.  Well, everything that I am aware of: as is the way with all new jobs – especially those that revolve around technology – there’s a whole ‘Conscious Competence Learning Model’ thing going on.  Click the title.  I’m not academic nor is my personal lexicon large enough to explain the model using big, gnarley-sounding words.  Plus I’d have to start using some sort of referencing system and I don’t think this here blog is the right place to start citing anyone other than Morrissey.  Or Eric idle.

Yesterday the School  I work for held an Adult Lecturers’ Away Day and I was invited to give a presentation on Technology Enhanced Learning and how it could be advanced in the near and further future. Click here to visit the website and get more of an idea of where I am and what I do, if you are inclined to do so. 

Though the presentation was aimed specifically at the School – so concentrated on budget, staff and student needs and content already directed at them rather than the wider populace it may be of use or have a seed of something useful in it. 

I’m big on sharing, repurposing and keeping costs down, so I shall model these practices by sharing yesterday’s presentation. Hurrah!

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