Look at what you did!

Last week, I was banging on about how cool I am.  Well, maybe not so explicitly, but there was definitely a hint of ‘look what I did!’ to my blog post.  As a result, I then got a nasty bout of flu and ended up spending several days ensconced on the sofa looking and feeling like death warmed up.  I also watched 12 episodes of the Jeremy Kyle Show and 3 episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County, purely because I was too ill to pick up the remote.  Really.

This week, sadly, has a similar flavour in that it’s all about me.  And it’s unashamed.  So there.  If it’s any consolation, if flu was my punishment for being smug last week, then this week I’m fully expecting to get run over by a bus on the way home from work.  I ‘m even wearing a clean vest just in case.

In December 2010 I was asked to speak at the annual Knowledge and Innovation Network  (KIN) Winter Conference about how I had used 3D, interactive models of learning theories such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Wenger’s Community of Practice in Second Life.  This had worked quite well, as some more kinaesthetic trainee teachers had found that by  (virtually) walking all over each of the models and interacting with them, they had gained  a deeper understanding of complex theories;  an understanding they may not have had were they given the usual lecture, PowerPoint presentation and accompanying readings. 

I was a little concerned about delivering a talk about my work in education, KIN being a closed group of professionals from all walks of industry ‘where expertise flows between knowledge and innovation practitioners, researchers and world leading experts.’ However, I did as I had been asked and was pleasantly surprised at how many questions were asked at the end of the presentation – and how many people wanted to chat over coffee afterwards.  I went home felling happy that I’d done the best I could and that there was some genuine interest, and promptly forgot all about it for a year.

Last month I was sent an email by the chairman of KIN saying simply ‘Look at what you did!’ with a link underneath.  Gulping (what had I done?  Set fire to the conference venue with a hastily stubbed out cigarette?) I clicked on the link.  Now click on this link to see what I found.

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