Ah, FlipSnack you is fine.  I am loving this web app.  Turns PDFs into Flash animated books with room for quite a range of customisation. 

Many years ago I wrote a journal to go alongside the delivery of my first self-built and self-delivered blended learning course (the old Level 4 CPD Literacy Award).  Reading it back 5 years later, it reads, quite frankly, like 4 day-old poop.  However, now it has a fancy leather cover and a bit of animation, it looks (but still doesn’t read) brilliant.  I’ve embedded the HTML coding, but you can also share your FlipSnack goodies with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger et al….really attractive, really easy to use and free (to a point…)  I’m going to investigate the rest of the SnackTools stable of web apps to see what else they have on offer.  Will report back later.  Just wanted to show this one off as quickly as possible (hence the 2 blog posts you see before you today, you lucky, lucky people…)

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