I Wuv my iPad

I’ve had my iPad since the day before they were released in the UK. I
think Apple sent them out early, assuming they’d arrive on the actual
day, but my postman was on amphetamines and he arrived before he
should. Or something. Plus, it is an original iPad, so in
Technological Time and Space (TTS) it’s now an antique. David
Dickinson’s stood outside my door even as I type with a crumpled
twenty pound note and a business card. When I bought it I justified the expense by telling myself it was a
40th birthday present, 40 being a milestone and everything. I kept
repeating this to myself every time my inner voice said “but what are
you going to use it for? You have 3 laptops and you’re just being
greedy”. When it arrived I picked it up with my right hand and
pressed the home button with my left. It’s rarely left those hands

You see, this antiquated device is the centre of my world. It goes
everywhere with me because it can. Its size and weight go unnoticed in
my luggage, my work bag and even my “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON SHOPPING”
book bag (£5.99, Waterstones). It goes on the Internet everywhere.
Well everywhere there’s a wifi network I can hook up to or a mobile
signal that’s strong enough to withstand some hardcore Facebook
action. I still feel happy when I’m on a train and online within
seconds without having to lug out a laptop and dithering with my
dongle (matron). Actually…I feel quite smug when I see other
passengers doing their own dithering. “Ah yes, I’ve found the site you
mentioned. Yes, been online for a while now. You still waiting for
your laptop to boot up?” This smugness is very often destroyed by me
then physically deflating as I follow up with: “Oh I’ve lost the
signal.” I’m rambling.

Trains (and the bath if one is very careful) are also good places to
watch films on the iPad’s onboard HD video player. I’d never have
heard of Gavin and Stacey were it not for the nifty BBC iPlayer app,
and thanks to iTunes I was then able to download series 1, 2 and 3 and
the Christmas Special. At an extortionate price. My professional self
can send emails and do work stuff using iWorks before emailing the
documents to myself in their counterpart Office format. I have taken
part in meetings on Skype (voice or text only mind-I don’t have one of
those fancy iPod 2 gizmos), read the entire ‘Adrian Mole’ back
catalogue on iBooks and last week I finally completed Final Fantasy
III. Infinity Blade’s pretty good too, but I’m rubbish at it. Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Prezi, BBC News, StumbleUpon (a guilty
pleasure), Kindle, Slideshare, Gotomeeting and Corkulous. Oh my,
Corkulous rocks! Multi coloured PostIt notes you drag onto a cork
board that can be emailed to you in Jpeg or PDF format (unless, like
me, your iPad is with you AT ALL TIMES!). I’ve used it as an ongoing
‘To Do’ list for a over a year now.

GarageBand! I have no musical talent. I actually have negative musical
talent. With GarageBand I am Trent Reznor! Or so I think. YouTube, 4OD, ITV Player, Sky News, ComicLife and Halftone: both
really fun, really simple ways of turning images into comic strips,
Idea Sketch and Edistorm (mind mapping), Show Me (an electronic
whiteboard that can record the user’s onscreen actions), Polldaddy….

…this is why I have become almost surgically attached to my iPad and
why I have more than halved my laptop usage. I wrote this post on my
iPad and I can, hand on heart, say that I did not waste my money. Phew!

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