The Return of the Internet

So after an incredible 7 weeks without the internet, I am now finally up and running and…strangely flat.I’ve rather enjoyed coming home from work and not feeling obliged to log onto the Internet to do several hours of (unpaid) overtime!  I’ve also rather enjoyed NOT going into “Second Life”.  I mean, I HAVE been logging in – ironically, the 12 week Second Life-based PTLLS course I have been running has fallen right at the same time as my tumultuous real life has conspired to make me without the internet, but my rather marvellous best friend and the pub down the road both have wifi, so I have been able to use their connections when I’ve needed to be inworld or send that vitally important attachment to emails.  And, to be fair, I do have my clutch to BlackBerries with “better than a kick up the arse” internet and email capabilities, so it’s not been unmanageable.

But the things I’ve been able to do whilst out of the internet loop have been brilliant!  Reading proper books made of paper!  Watching DVDs (without the distractions of a laptop balanced precariously on my knees), cooking proper food, gardening, walking the cliff paths of Cornwall in this beautiful spring weather, sitting in a multidue of beer gardens with friends drinking pear cider and eating scampi and chips …’s like I’m alive again! Which is why I’m kind of sad to have the internet again.  I am worried that I shall stop doing all those real life things that were making me happy and go back to the cathode-ray tan, the paunchy-stomached keyboard bashing and the living my first life vicariously through my Second Life avatar.  I’m an all or nothing kind of person, and find it impossible to find a healthy balance – I’m either way too thin or too fat, obssessed to the point of mania or uninterested to the point of near coma.

So – the blog silence is broken.  When will I add my next post?  Maybe not for a while…

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