ICE House Project and General IMP Stuff

As an update on the last post – I’ve just been given a new 0.5 role as part of University of Plymouth / Peninsula Centre of Excellence in Teacher Training (CETT) and Cornwall College’s ICE House Project (as web / VLE Developer). Click here for a link to the website that I will be working on and to find out more about the project. When I’ve made a start and know a little more about the project I’ll add a bit more to this blog.

AND…WooT WooT!!!! The 2 Masters modules I did last year with the University of Exeter have been APLd across to the IMP, so I now have 60 credits towards my Masters (was concerned that the 2 modules I did with Exeter last year may not be valid in some way, and that I had possibly wasted a year. But no!!! Woohooooo!!!)

So…now to start thinking about what I am going to do with this module…

…I really want to see whether the Second Life / web 2.0 PTLLS I’ve just started teaching is going to successfully deliver real world teaching skills that can be transferred successfully into a real life classroom. As part of this pilot I have already arranged interviews (to be carried out at the start, midway point and end of the course) with a few group members to talk about their experiences on the course (be they good or bad). However, though I know that this is something I want to investigate, I’m not sure how I’m going to go about doing this. I guess it’s going to involve questionnaires and a mix of discourse and data analysis and I also think that I am going to need to deliver the course a second time to a different group – but this is something that can be firmed up in a tutorial – so for now I’ll carry on delivering it, making notes along the way.

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