The ICE House

The ICE House was set up several months ago as a collaborative project funded by Convergence Cornwall economic regeneration money, and run by my Head of Department, The School of Education and Training’s Project Manager and a small group of selected members of Cornwall College and University of Plymouth staff.   It’s an incredibly exciting project, looking at Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (hence ICE) in education and last week I was really pleased when my HoD told me that he wanted me to be involved as the project’s Website and VLE Developer.

One of the project’s streams looks at Problem Based Learning as a shift in delivery – moving away from traditional pedagogic teaching methods to a more facilitative way of engaging students – putting them in control of and at the heart of their learning.  This is something that up until recently I had no notion of – but am trying to embrace within my own practice.  To this end I have started a PBL – based activity with my DTLLS students, looking at how they can work collaboratively to improve assessment in their teaching practice and giving them free reign to research and deliver their findings in a way that suits them.  This means shifting from the traditional role of “sage on the stage” to the role of coach.  As I have never been comfortable with standing in front of a group of learners espousing my “wisdom”, this shift has been quite easy.  More importantly, my students are really taking to the project.  Group discussions have been lively and animated and by working through the project the groups are getting a real understanding for the summative assessment that forms part of this term’s module.

I really want his PBL project to be a success – if it is the ICE House team will have something definitive to present as one of their first success stories.  I also feel really proud to have been asked to be a part of The ICE House, so want this to be a success for them as much as my students.

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