Master’s Module (“iLearn”)

So I’m on the train coming back from my first session on the University of Plymouth “iLearn” module and am quite impressed. Good session, genuinely interested tutor, nice group, very friendly vibe and I got to use an iMac (about 5 years old and covered in coffee stains, but it’s still an iMac!!!!) It was cool that the group were genuinely impressed with what I do with ICT and ILT in my job and I realised that maybe what I do is more groundbreaking (that may be a little arrogant?) than I thought. While others are still only now adopting moodle I felt really proud to think that I had (have?) been using it as an online learning platform for 4 years now-and using it as more than an online repository of materials.

I did overhear one co-student mutter that “his idea of hell was using a virtual world” but that’s okay. There is a “Marmitey” element to MUVEs in that people seem to either love them or hate them and there are bits of ICT and ILT that I’m not keen on either (erm…PowerPoint?) So-all looking really interesting and the sort of content that really floats my boat. Going to try to get my teeth into this-just hope I have the time to do it justice!
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