My First Blog Post

I’m really interested in seeing what GoogleWave has to offer.  After being lucky enough to have been given an invitation I spent 3 weeks logging in, muttering “meh” under my breath with no real idea how it worked or what it did…I think I even muttered something about this being yet another bandwagon to jump blindly onto without any thought of what exactly it actually DID…then I got an invite to join a wave.  And THEN I got it.  Synchronous / asynchronous threads belonging to likeminded people with some pretty cool – but so far sparse – plugins to add some flavour to conversation topics.  A sort of etherpad for Twitterfans who need more than 140 characters perhaps?

So – still playing, still finding my feet – but really interested to see if I can use it in Teacher Ed.  Ooooh – and can I use it with Second Life or is that a mashup akin to making a sherry trifle with minced beef a la Rachel in Friends?

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