Mid Course Malaise?

There’s a definite malaise. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to crack on with muvenation stuff. Am starting to feel like I’m drifting off the radar.

It started last Sunday, when I tried to get my holodeck scene to work. Having followed Shirley’s tutorial to the word, this happened:

The scene skewed 90 degrees to the left, so it sat half-in and half-out of the holodeck. Not only that, but when I packed it back up again and then re-rezzed it (by selecting the scene from the holodeck menu) it had been deleted from the holodeck’s scene inventory completely. This was a bit of a pain as it had taken a while to arrange the scene, add scripts to objects so they became object-givers and tip-jars, add textures to the slideshow presenter…so I tried it again. The scene was skewed in exactly the same way. I thought that maybe by turning the holodeck around to fit the scene I could sort of fix what had happened (lateral thinking? Bodge up?!). This worked until I tried to re-rez the scene…and found it had deleted itself again. AAAAARRRGGHHH!!

So a week later I go to the sky platform to try again, realising that in the intervening week I just haven’t been able to engage with Second Life at all. I’ve been inworld, but have been aimless. I haven’t been able to face the holodeck in case it all goes wrong again. I then notice that my teleport taxi has vanished from my platform, so I can only get back to muvenation island by using a landmark (or re-rezzing the taxi from my inventory). I get back to the island…then notice that my door on the teleport wall has also gone missing.

I’ve left a message on the technical forum on moodle – have I been evicted? Expelled? Booted off the course?

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