Hebask, Shebask, Youbask, Webask…

I have set up an “ALT”: Hebask Falconer was born yesterday, and his job in SL is to be “financer” of the Cornwall College Island. He’ll be a premium account avatar and all financial and land-buying stuff will go through him, meaning that he’ll be little more than a cipher: an account and a ways to a means rather than a resident. I’ve taken him out for a spin and found some odd stuff happening:

  • I mean, for a start, he’s a he. Why I decided to go trans-gender I don’t know. He’s a 7 foot tall elven warrior too.
    As a result I am, as ever, concerned about my mental well-being
  • I went to MUVEnation Island and felt like a trespasser, so got all worried that I’d be booted off.
  • I “IMd” Bex Mavendorf to befriend her / me and thought I may be suffering from virtual schizophrenia. See second bullet point
  • I’m connecting with him and am not sure whether I’m happy for him to just be a virtual standing order. He’s started collecting outfits, I’m tweaking his appearance and he’s made a few friends. I want to get a beard and some chest hair. May I refer you again to the second bullet point.

Happy Birthday Hebask!

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