The Ice House

Here is Bex’s Ice House, what I did make all by my own self. I’m pretty chuffed with it, but am having some issues. I’ve rezzed a door, added a script so that it opens when touched and added it to the house…but if I link the door prim to the rest of the house, when I open the door the whole house swings around and the door stays where it is – which gains me access, in an arse about face kind of way, but is a bit like the proverbial tail wagging the dog. It works if I don’t link the door prim to the buliding, but that’s just bloody useless! I can’t keep dragging the door out of my inventory and re-positioning it every time I bring out the house! Grrrrrr. So how can prims do their own thing as separate entities and keep doing what they’re scripted to do even when linked?

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