Can She Build it? Er….No.

Module 2 doesn’t start until the 19th January, so I’ve got time to do a bit of self directed learning (or “FOFO Teaching” as an ex-colleague of mine used to call it). I bought “Creating your World-the Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life” by Aimee Weber, Kimberly Rufer-Bach and Richard Platel just before Christmas, so bouyed by my tiny scripting triumph of a few days ago, thought that I’d spend a bot of time on MUVEnation island doing a bit of rezzing and playing and primming and stuff.

First off, thought it may be time to sort the 4000+ items I’ve managed to acquire into some sort of order in my inventory. I set up subfolders and dragged and dropped everything into them (and deleted loads of crap I’d managed to pick up as well), so for now at least I have an ordered house. And three virtual houses, a gazebo, a log cabin and a hot tub

It’s amazing how much free stuff you can pick up just by idly wandering. I am yet to buy any Linden Dollars – far too parsimonious for that – besides, I haven’t found anything I actually want to buy that I can’t get for free. I have a virtual wardrobe 6 times the size of my RL one, and with the sort of clothes I’d love to wear in RL but am too fat/ old / scared to go out in. Lord alone knows how many hairstyles I have, or why I need a Darth Vader avatar. Or an Eric Cartman.

Back to rezzing. I linked my first prims and made a pretty tatty and rubbish-looking poufee-seat thing. Look at the majesty of my first 3-prim object!
I looked through the book some more… and decided that I really wanted to have a mooch around SL. I think I know the basics of making things now. Next FOFO lesson: scripting.

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