Now we’re cooking…

This was the week I felt that I’d cracked it: gone from clumsy know-nothing to someone who can hold their own in SL – and even tentatively start to help others find their SL legs. To quote The Fast Show, this week I have mostly been:

  1. Learning to rez prims – and in doing so, have acquired some really odd practise objects!
  2. Learing how to use my inworld profile and how to look at others’ profiles too
  3. Teleporting my new friends around
  4. Picking up freebies – I now have everything from rugs, furniture and personal teleporters to feathers, wigs, my own TARDIS, a Dalek, two Cyberman skins / costumes* and a summer house.
  5. Making friends. This has been incredible – and resulted in several late nights! I’ve shared my desktop with a fellow MUVEnationer from Mexico and looked at photos he’s taken on a variety of RL travels around the world.
  6. Driven a dune buggy, been a passenger in a mini-mote and whizzed around on a Harley Davison
  7. Danced at an 80s alternative disco and drunk champagne at a Doctor Who bar
  8. Hung out at Cardiff’s Doctor Who exhibition
  9. Flown the TARDIS and said hello to K9
  10. Looked at a Spanish mathematician’s moodle site
  11. Been the 4th Doctor’s companion – and got a souvenir of my travels by way of a scarf given to me by the Doctor himself (Disclaimer: I know it’s not THE Doctor – but in SL we can be who we want, right?)

This is what it’s all about – using the search facility to find something that tickles your fancy, teleporting there, chatting to whoever’s about…then being taken on a journey that eats up the hours but widens your SL – and, importantly, RL horizons.


*Yes, this is how I manged to get my photo on the “almost famous” thread without any cost or effort. It’s not cheating – it’s using the environment to my advantage.

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