Note to self-well, a few puzzlements really (is “puzzlement” a word? Should be).

  • what version of moodle does muvenation utilise?
  • why can’t I upload a picture from my hard drive when embedding an image in a forum entry? This whole URL from image properties in flickr seems a little complex. I’ve been an editor on moodle for years, so surely I’m not missuing something here am I?
  • why are we using blogs other than those available on moodle? All this linking from one thing to another just seems clumsy – unless, that is, it’s an exercise in finding out about and using some popular applications that are part of web 2.0?
  • same goes for flickr. It seems a little convoluted to use – wouldn’t facebook be easier?
  • is there a facebook group for muvenation students?

That sounds whiney, which it shouldn’t. I’m loving this course – it really suits my interests as a long-standing nerd as well as a teacher educator. Hell, I’d do it for fun! I’m really looking forward to designing an avatar that looks like someone famous and have to say – the eureka sketch was an inspired task!

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